This is Spotify 'musique' stats tracking app. A mobile web app will let you know your monthly stats about your artists and tracks. Because you're what you measure
Ruby on Rails, React JS,Redux, Spotify API
Festival Budget project image
This is a grouping budget by goal app. With family and friends, you could create a specific goal and contribute payments toward that goal. Want to go to a festival musical? Use this app to do a budget
Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Postgresql
Loachella is a made-up music festival website that displays the festival's schedule and allows you to buy tickets.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
A home appliances e-commerce website with responsive design. Customers can buy appliances directly and also create credits to purchase these appliances
Angular 6, HTML, CSS, Tailwindcss, Angular material
This is a sushi hub restaurant web page. You will find ancient Japanese foods in our Specials section
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Webpack