BTFullstack Developer (Open to work)
Developer, Entrepreneur, Music enthusiast. Currently working on web3 ecosystem, on intellectual property manager on-chain platform for musicians and creating innovative marketplaces for phi-gytal products.

Work Experience

April 2023 - Nov 2023Fullstack Developer


Creating innovative marketplaces for phi-gytal products. Skilled in building protocols that empower creators to collaborate on multiplayer products, while retaining full ownership of their creative assets. Proven track record of optimizing platform performance, reducing unused provider requests by 84.64% to enhance scalability. Successfully refactored the crowdmuse product smart contract, significantly reducing gas fees on mainnet deployment from $200 to $100. Passionate about blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize industries.
May 2021 - Mar 2023Fullstack Developer

Garage SoftQuito, Ecuador

As a full-stack developer, I took on the exciting challenge of building an NFT marketplace exclusively for independent artists. This passion project showcases my expertise in all layers of development. While the platform is currently in its beta phase as an MVP, it has already gained traction and valuable feedback from customers. I have actively engaged with the artist community to gather insights and improve the marketplace based on their needs and preferences. By leveraging my technical skills and collaborating closely with artists, I am committed to evolving the platform into a thriving ecosystem that empowers and supports independent creators.
Jul 2021 - Sept 2022Fullstack Developer

Way Too DigitalRemote, Argentina

Proud to share that I personally built a comprehensive white label NFT marketplace from the ground up. This involved handling every aspect of the development process, utilizing my skills as a full-stack developer. I dedicated myself to creating a seamless experience for both primary and secondary market participants, ensuring all their needs were met. Delighted to report that the hard work paid off. The marketplace received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our initial customers, with approximately 80% expressing high levels of satisfaction. Their positive experiences and appreciation for the platform have even led to numerous requests for a second iteration or version.
Dec 2020 - July 2021Front End Developer

Rumzer.comRemote, Ohio

I led full-stack development efforts, achieving remarkable milestones. Leveraging SSR technology, I improved the marketing website's SEO by 90%, boosting organic traffic. Additionally, I built a communication service using the SMTP protocol, reducing response time by 80% in a compliance management web app. Notably, I introduced an AI-powered chatbot that streamlined tasks and enhanced productivity.


Programming LanguagesJavascript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby
Frameworks & LibrariesTypeScript, Next.js, React.js, Angular 2, Styled Components, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap
DatabasesMongo DB, Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle DB, MySQLServer
Web3 ToolsHardhat, Ether.js, Ethereum, EVM, Alchemy, Infura, Metamask
LanguagesEnglish (Advanced), Spanish (Native)